Storage space rental

Our warehouse is the safest place for your merchandise!

Dyar has distinguished itself in supporting its trucking service by providing distinctive and fully insured storage spaces for its customers and success partners. We have stores in the Obour, Al-Marg, and Mokattam areas in Greater Cairo. Also have a warehouses in the Sixth of October City to cover the needs of our customers. All warehouses are fully secured with surveillance cameras and an integrated alarm system, equipped with 24-hour security and guard, trained workers at the highest level of experience, efficiency and safety. We have the ability to store all kinds of goods, and we also have well-ventilated sections to suit all needs. Our warehouses are insured by the most great insurance companies to ensure the complete level of safety for our clients. We support the storage service for others with the delivery service as well, we have the possibility of packaging, shipping and delivery of goods with our cars and our highly experienced representatives.